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    Montreal | The Weeknd

    Laissez tomber les filles

    Laissez tomber les filles

    Un jour c’est toi qu’on laissera

    (Leave the girls alone

    Leave the girls alone

    One day it will be you they will leave)

    You ever have crazy ideas that scare you?

    Today while making pasta I was singing some improvisational songs to myself, nothing out of the ordinary. Some of it actually sounded pretty good, so I recorded a bit on my phone. I actually do this all the time, which results in a bunch of little under 30 second recordings like that on my phone. But today was a little different, because as I was playing it back, I thought to myself, Hey, what if I actually bought a nice mic and finished some songs and recorded them? And what if I tried to mess around with producing something, at least a demo? And what if people actually liked it and I somehow ended up making a career out of it? Then part of me was like, “You’re crazy,” and another part of me was like, “You should probably get a job first because you’re broke as hell and you can’t even afford a nice mic though,” and another part of me was still like, “Yo but it could happen like ay girl you got potential you could do it and I believe in you.”

    The thing is I have so many interests that it’s sometimes hard to focus all my effort into only one of them. For example, I still need to work on my art portfolio. However, I think I’ll regret it if I don’t try to put something out there at least. You never know what could happen.

    I think it’s good when your ideas scare you a little.

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